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I was born in Waco, Texas, the sixth of seven daughters. We didn't have a lot of money, but we had each other and we always found marvelous ways to entertain ourselves. We played Colored Eggs, Red Rover and, at night, Monsters. The neighborhood was ours and there wasn't a bush under anyone's bedroom window that we didn't know - the smell of Hawthorne bushes in bloom can still send me back to those days. When I was ten we moved just outside of Waco to Chalk Bluff, where my parents had bought 9 acres from Zion Hill Baptist Church. We lived in the former church on the property for four years until we finished building our house. Our adventures living in the old church, playing in the woods, picking blackberries in the ditches, riding horses and just breathing in the fragrance of fields full of bluebonnets had a profound impact on my memory and on my heart. Those great memories still affect my heart and my art as I strive to produce images that resonate with the loveliness of nature, family, faith and home. I hope my art will touch your heart too and give you a little respite from the cares of life.

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